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Rapper/Producer Letterbox Kid shares new single ‘I Never Blink’

February 24, 2023

Isaac O’Sullivan, also known by his recently adopted alter-ego, Letterbox Kid, is a 22 year old singer/songwriter, rapper, and producer hailing from Cork City. Originally from the Waterford side of the border, Isaac began his life in music with a concept album called ‘A Live’. Here, Isaac pessimistically questioned what it meant to live in society and the fabrics that held it together, as well as the mental hardships he reluctantly endured during his schooling years. After the release of this minimalist, part spoken word, part singer-songwriter acoustic expedition, Isaac organized a launch gig and sold tickets on foot in his local area. Soon after, Isaac performed two more sets at local Summer music festivals.

Since then, and with entry to the prestigious Cork School of Music and graduation with First Class Honors, Isaac has improved drastically as a musician and artist studying under renowned musical minds such as former Van Morrison guitarist Johnny Scott & illustrious producer 1000Beasts. Throughout the pandemic Isaac worked rigorously on his debut EP, titled ‘Elegant For A Rogue & Skinny For A Bastard’, which was released on all major streaming platforms in November of 2021. The EP consists of trap beats, slurred bars and emotional highs as Isaac starts to find his home as the Letterbox Kid in an unusual mix of trap, rap, and soul, inspired by the likes of Jeff Buckley, Kanye West, King Krule, & Travis Scott to name a few. Since then and with multiple successes in the gigging, working with artists such as Houseplants and Arthur Valentine, the Letterbox Kid has released two new singles to great applause, garnering editorial playlist spots for his song ‘BUGATTI’ on A Breath Of Fresh Eire.

The Letterbox Kids’ next release, ‘I Never Blink’, is out now on all streaming platforms. Here, the Letterbox Kid enters a familiar world of striking synths and dark cinematic soundscapes, as he creates a planet on which to delve his deepest and darkest emotions and all that comes with them. Bar after bar of hard-hitting production and passionate vocal displays, with the song being created from top to bottom by the Letterbox Kid himself.

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