Podge Lane set to release new single ‘The Party’

September 20, 2021

Emerging with his second release off his upcoming debut album, Cork based singer-songwriter, Podge Lane invites us all to join he ‘The Party’. Following on from his first single of 2021, the raucous ode to anger ‘Reasons To Scream’, Lane provides another strikingly honest hit in ‘The Party’.

Yielding stylings of folk and country mixed with indie recordings, Lane contrasts his seemingly upbeat instrumentation against painfully candid lyricism: “I don’t wanna go to the party, I guess I never really did. It was just easier in hindsight, I just hated everything.” Lane opens the door for the person who isn’t sure why they came to the party in the first place, and asks, what is it that’s making you stay?

Delving into the cacophonic muddle of instrumentation, Lane establishes a dizzying carnival soundscape. Against the piercing harmonica trills and trudging kick drum, the varied musical arrangement moves seamlessly throughout plucked mandolin and surging organ hits. When talking about the song, Lane admits ,”I don’t think it’s a bold statement to say that everyone has been at a party that they didn’t want to be at. But it’s fun to figure out, “is it my fault that the party sucks?” It’s always good to self-examine, plus I love making a fool of myself.”

Following on from the success of ‘Reasons To Scream’ receiving radio play within Ireland, the UK and US, being added to multiple playlists across Spotify, Deezer and Apple Music, Lane continues to be notarised for his motley of musical stylings and intimate manner of writing. From his live improv EP, ‘Making It Up As I Go Along Part 1’, and his country and folk leanings of 2020’s ‘Don’t Take It From Me’ and ‘Weak Beneath the Knees EP’, 2018 Irish Post Indie Artists Of The Year Nominee continues to explore and expand upon his sound through ‘The Party’. This single shows Lane’s ability to develop within his own musical techniques, while also taking inspiration from his broad musical influences from Bob Dylan and The Felice Brothers to Fiona Apple and Kevin Morby.

Lane’s debut album is set to be released later in November, 2021 and ‘The Party’ is out on Friday September 24th.

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