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Pearse McGloughlin shares new single ‘Six’

April 6, 2023

‘Six’ is the new single from Irish songwriter Pearse McGloughlin’s forthcoming studio album ‘Keg’. Recorded to tape by producer Julie McLarnon (Jeffrey Lewis, The Vaselines) in Analogue Catalogue in Newry, Northern Ireland, the song is inspired by Alexander Solzshenitsyn’s ‘The Gulag Archipelago’, exploring the interplay between destiny and hardship. Musically reminiscent of Neutral Milk Hotel or The Cure, the song leads with a theremin motif played on a Roland JX3P sewn together with a melodic bassline by Ciaran McCreevey and drumming by Stephen Kiernan (Cathy Davey, Mundy).

Speaking of the song, Pearse recalls “my memory of recording this is the sense that I wanted the song to have a spontaneous energy. It was one of these songs that came quickly to me… I didn’t know what it was about till afterwards, as happens so often in songwriting. I wanted to capture it quickly. This was abetted by Julie’s analogue approach to recording – we didn’t do a whole load of takes once we had everything set up technically. The subject matter, of someone being imprisoned, could have led to a very different treatment. That it’s lighthearted and somewhat poppy adds an interesting juxtaposition and allows the casual listener in”

‘Six’ is available now:

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