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Orla Monelle Releases Breakup Single ‘Timing’

March 13, 2023


‘Timing’ is a story of navigating your way through heartache while watching the person you love move on with someone else:

“There is no perfect way to end a relationship. It’s hard to accept that everyone moves on differently. This song was written after a relationship ended and the person I had been with met someone new immediately. I felt unprepared, it was as though they had a new partner ready to go. Why didn’t they need the time to process our relationship like I did? This song is me trying to make sense of it all, was their relationship planned or just good timing?”

‘Timing’ was written by Orla Monelle and brought to life in the studio with her regular collaborator and producer Alex O’Keeffe. Written while she was spending a summer in London where Orla was discovering a new music scene, new city and connecting with other artist. The distance from her daily life in Dublin gave her the space to reflect on a previous relationship.  You can stream ‘Timing’ below:


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