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New Single ‘Gold Goes Out’ From Dorota Konchevska

January 18, 2022

Dublin based artist Dorota, began her career as a jazz singer and has evolved into a multifaceted artist & producer, capable of breathtaking feats of alchemy that fuses her ethereal vocals with leftfield electronic music.

About Dorota :

Her creation reveals a strong and tender heart beneath, pulsating with raw emotion and abstract thinking. She is not walking on the safe side of the commercial music industry.

Dorota says: “Every day you have 24 hours to choose your own adventure: from morning to night”. Dorota splits Jazz and electronic identities , both manifested in her songwriting and production. While her collaborators largely consist of lush gifted jazzers, dancers and other wild birds from all around the globe, the themes of her records are undeniably rooted in her spiritual practice.

She loves making live music for contemporary dance, as she admits that she is a s**t  dancer and this way she can partake in that genre ever graciously.

Ideas about the single :

The ideas behind the single first took shape when Dorota took a refuge in the forest cottage at the beginning of the pandemic. Facing continuity of a recent world in disarray, she found that a multitude of new reflections needed expression. She pondered on how to embrace change in a turbulent internal landscape. It’s a calling for reclaiming your connection with nature and what is and the most fundamental vibrating note of it all which is love.

About the song

The song has the feeling of a classic; a reflective record that you can groove to or as easily while away the time  in transcendental bubble bath in yurts.

The synths that join shortly thereafter sit comfortably, as if everything was always ok. The bass is fat and warm. Questions and answers …Quite a feat.

Release Date: 18 February 2022


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