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New Single From Tracy Connolly ‘He’s Sick of Making Love To Me’

March 10, 2022

‘He’s Sick Of Making Love To Me’ is for anyone who became of age to fantasize about the guy next door. Anyone who dreamt one day he’d be theirs. Along the way the guy next door visits her imaginary room and it’s amazing for sure. For most of us the guy next door wouldn’t even begin to imagine you were so into them. This song is about dreamers, people who fantasize about love, fun and unfortunately they get let down when he goes in home and shuts the door. You can still dream about them and how wild it could be.

‘He’s Sick Of Making Love To Me’ is being released on the 28th Mar 2022. This time Tracy has put her energy into making a video that she herself believes Is a must for the song. Tracy has had two previous songs ‘The Bloods’ her first single which went to No 1 on the Irish Country Charts for 3 full days and ‘When I’m Alone’ her second new release written for her father she loved so dearly. Tracy is working on her new debut album of 12 songs and has expressed how much she’s enjoying this journey.

“I love that I’ve become so comfortable writing poetry and the fact that some of my poetry almost whistles a tune when I write it. I feel truly blessed to be gifted such an opportunity to expand my loved passion and creativity. I want to give something back through my poetry and it has to be to capture the minds of others through song. Just to make them sing along and enjoy the experience that I’m feeling would be great. I’ve always had love for country and folk music. I can see Miss Dolly Parton in this song. In fact she is a true inspiration in country music and to me. I have also been influenced by many artists such as Mary Black, Delores Keane, Christy Moore, Alison Krauss and so much more.”

‘He’s Sick Of Making Love To Me’ was written by Tracy Connolly and she is also the executive music producer to her own music. Pat Barrett is the music producer and bass guitar on the track along with Pat O’ Sullivan Piano and John Barrett drums.

“When you love music you don’t get a choice to make it sleep. The music just stays embedded in your soul”©️

Twitter @poetsbelief

Facebook : tracyconnollyspoetrys

Youtube : Tracy Connolly


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