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New Single from Rowlette ‘Perfect’

September 9, 2022

“Perfect”, Rowlette’s third release of 2022, is a vulnerable and intimate folk-pop track. The song explores the relationship with one’s body and our tendency to chastise it, despite all the amazing things it enables us to do. 

Nowadays we are bombarded with beauty ideals that are often unattainable. “I find it crazy that the beauty ideals we are being sold can be so contradictory. For example in Ireland and the UK we are sold fake tanning products and sunbeds, yet in parts of Asia they’re being sold skin whitening bleach and they’re covering up on the beach.” said Rowlette.

“I think it’s definitely something that most girls have gone through at some point, and presumably most guys too. Phases where you look at food as some kind of enemy, rather than nutrients that fuel your body. Or where you look in the mirror and all you can see are the things you want to change, rather than this incredible vessel that does so much for you.”

There’s plenty of statistics to back up the songwriter’s observation – with a large UK government study finding that “61% of adults and 66% of children feel negative about their body image most of the time” and several smaller scale irish studies describing similar findings. 

The track is an acoustic pop-ballad produced by Dave Skelton and mastered by Aidan Foley. The singer’s distinctive vocals sit beautifully on top of her trademark acoustic guitar, alongside piano and some orchestral elements mixed with modern pop percussion and bass. 

The artist acknowledges that the mindset shift isn’t easy; “The song is very much about doing your best to accept yourself, but acknowledging that it’s a work in progress. There will be good days and bad days, but it’s important not to beat yourself up on the bad days.” 

In terms of what the artist hopes for the song, it’s to inspire people to be a little nicer to themselves. “I want the listener to reflect on how they talk to themselves, and think if it is serving them, really. And if not, try to change it a little, day by day.”

Rowlette, currently based in London, has been busy since the world of live music has returned. She recently hosted a packed out headliner in the British capital with fellow musician Faraway Martin. As well, she’s back in Dublin frequently, performing at venues such as Workman’s and The Soundhouse.

As a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, Rowlette is recognised for her powerful vocals, inspirational lyrics and captivating performances. Hailing from Co. Mayo, she has a distinctive writing style, known for her storytelling ability.

Rowlette’s tracks have received radio play across Irish radio stations and abroad, was added to several Spotify editorial playlists as well as coverage across many media outlets, such as RTE 1, Golden Plec and Hot Press. 

Connect with Rowlette: Website Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Spotify 

Image: Joanna O’Malley



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