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New Music from Francie Conway

July 6, 2021

‘Staycation’ is the new uplifting, positive, fun, summer vibe single from Francie Conway set for release on the 9th of July, looks like the ‘Dove of PL&R’n’R’ rides again, the recordings started in Ireland, then over to England, Switzerland & Germany.

Francie is joined on ‘Staycation’ by an incredible team; Vivienne Boucherat & Chris White (Vocals) from The Zombies , Chris was inducted into The Rock’n’Roll Hall Of Fame 2019 in NYC. Dom Torche (Hammond Organ) from the legendary Relief Studio Switzerland. Peter Miklos Erdai (Bass Guitar) the Hungarian Groove Master, Matt Kelleghan (Drums & Percussion) from Moving Hearts , their album ‘The Storm’ will go down as one of the most original and innovative albums in the history of Irish Music. Rory Conway (Vocal & Shaker), Francie’s son has blossomed and grown in confidence singing with his Dad, on the many hugely popular videos shown on social media during the lockdown. Francie wrote the song, sings it and plays 12 string guitar.

‘Hidden Gems’ the current highly acclaimed album from Francie, continues to make playlists around the world, over the last two weeks in California USA and South Africa.





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