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Movment to Release New Single ‘Leave Me Alone’

October 27, 2021

Movment will release a new single ‘Leave Me Alone’ on Distort The Scene on 29 October 2021.

The 2 tracks were recorded in End of Light Studios, Mullingar, Ireland & mixed at Miloco, London and mastered by Jerome Schmitt at The Airlab. Artwork is by UVRay.

This eerie creepy tune befits the time of year, as we close in on Halloween, and the dead and the ghostly shadows enter our subconscious, as life and the beyond are close at hand, and evil and the supernatural are all around us, in our dreams, and disturbingly, in our nightmares;

“Leave Me Alone, I am Dangerous, Leave Me Alone, I am Vicious, Leave Me Alone”

Movment are a post-punk alternative indie rock band. They produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. Movment use technology & instruments to produce their sound and make observations on life and living.

Movment’s first album Broken Down is a mix of Electro Rock and indie riffs with harsh, dark themes. Movment released an EP RED DEATH SESSIONS in 2017.

The 2nd MOVMENT Album, TRANSFORMATION, will be released on Distort The Scene on 02 December 2021.

Leave Me Alone is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music and all streaming platforms now.




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