MOM Release Debut Single

October 1, 2018

Two worlds have collided.

When Church met Trad, Rebel Pop was born.

Lisa Canny and DeJay are musicians from two very different worlds. Mayo-born Lisa is 7-time All-Ireland champion on harp and banjo, having grown up immersed in the Irish traditional scene from a young age.  DeJay is a church musician turned songwriter from the American gospel arena. The two individually moved to London May 2016 and soon after randomly met in a legendary London recording studio. A few weeks later, MOM was born.

MOM release the first in a series of singles with their debut ‘King and I‘ – available for download this Friday 28 September.

The Irish folk meets Hip Hop/RnB Duo are here to have their say in Pop Culture and we think you’ll want to hear all about it.

‘King and I’ is a high-energy record that is set to showcase what this audacious duo has to offer.  Banjo riffs, big drums, pop melodies and an eccentric style of production make up the unique MOM sound.  People should be very excited about the originality not only in the single ‘King and I’, but also what must be in the pipeline.

MOM consists of two very talented individuals who have paid their dues in the hard grind of the musicians’ life, have come together to tell stories of their journey. A journey in which has led them both to a whole new world of ideas using their life experience to narrate and to fabricate great stories for listeners pleasure.

MOM shall be trusted to have a go at changing and curating pop music. “King and I’ is their first argument and we are looking forward to the worlds embrace of an exciting and cultured collision of sound.  As you will hear in the debut single MOM are here to stay, and just like in life… Mom knows best.

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