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Mike Hanrahan and Aldoc Present The Ballad of the Crimson Warrior  

February 10, 2022




A short film on a Cultural revolution

Tuesday 15th March


Written by Mike Hanrahan and filmed by Aldoc, this short film is dedicated to the creative women and men of our great Irish cultural revolution, 1890 to 1922. They were both rebel and innovator, writer and fighter who challenged a nation to reawaken its own spirit. This often turbulent yet extremely innovative period of Irish history is a fascinating study on the rebirth of a culture after centuries in chains.

Mike has been at the forefront of Irish music for four decades as a writer, singer and musician with Stockton’s Wing, Ronnie Drew and many more. In 2016 he wrote and presented a critically acclaimed theatre show Dublin Burning with Brendan Begley on the songs and stories of the 1916 Rising in Dublin.

The Ballad of The Crimson Warrior is a musical narrative of original songs and traditional tunes with stunning portraits of the revolutionary years created by acclaimed Irish artist Mick O Dea.

Mike performs with Seána Davey on Irish Harp, Norah Constance Walsh on piano, Sive on vocals and guitar and Aldoc on whistles and percussion.

The composition was recorded and filmed by Aldoc at Aras Chronain and is supported by Culture Ireland.

The Awakening      Aisling – Dream poem

Taimse I mo choladh ná duisigh mé – I am asleep do not wake me

The Aisling – an old form of Irish poetry known as vision or dream poetry

The Necessity – From a speech by Douglas Hyde to Irish National Literary Society in Dublin, 25 November 1892.

‘We must teach ourselves to be less sensitive, we must teach ourselves not to be ashamed of ourselves, because the Gaelic people can never produce its best before the world as long as it remains tied to the apron-strings of another race and another island.’

‘Upon Irish lines alone can the Irish race once more become what it was of yore – – one of the most original, artistic, literary, and charming peoples of Europe.’

Táimse I mo choladh ná duisigh mé I am asleep do not wake me

Awakening – Mike Hanrahan Aldoc

The Crimson Warrior   – Mike Hanrahan Sadhbh O Sullivan

Inspired by Clare volunteer Peader Clancy, a veteran of 16 and a central figure in the War of Independence. He died, while in custody, in Dublin castle on the night of Bloody Sunday, November 1920

The Burning    

The 1916 Easter rising Dublin

Dublin burning – Written by Mike Hanrahan

The Dreaming         

Frongoch was a prison camp in Wales used to house two thousand suspected volunteers following the Rising. It became The University of revolution and paved the way for The Irish War of Independence

Frongoch  –  Mike Hanrahan Aldoc

The Young Volunteer words Brian O Higgins Music Mike Hanrahan

Fainne Geal an Lae- Arranged Mike Hanrahan, Seana Davey, Norah Constance Walsh and Aldoc.

Brian O Higgins was a veteran of sixteen and prolific songwriter who captured many emotions of the period in song. This beautiful song explores the human emotion of a young volunteer heading into the unknown.

The Uprising  

News of The Irish War of Independence spread across the world and inspired many colonies to revolt against their empirical oppressors.

Oro se de Bheatha ‘bhaile  –  Mike Hanrahan Aldoc

Oro is an old Irish battle song dating back to the 17th century.

The Remembering   

Eva Gore Booth was a poet, suffragist, activist, and a voice for the repressed. She wrote this poem to her imprisoned revolutionary sister Constance Marquevizh, a central figure of the revolution.

The Craggy hill is inspired by the once silenced women of the revolution. Their stories need to be heard and we must now honour their position in our history.

Comrades – Eva Gore Booth

The Craggy Hill – Mike Hanrahan

The Republic guarantees religious and civil liberty, equal rights, and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all the children of the nation equally …

The 1916 Proclamation

Declaration of Independence January 1919

The Anglo-Irish Treaty December 2021

Douglas Hyde was elected First President of the Republic June 1938

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