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Mick Flannery announces ‘Night at the Opera’ a 12-song album and NFT with profits being shared with Effective Altruism

February 7, 2022

Fresh off the back of the recent Choice Music Prize nomination for the 2021 album ‘In the Game’ his collaboration with Susan O’Neill, Mick Flannery has announced a new 12 song album ‘Night at the Opera’ and a companion NFT to be released on February 22nd.

The album, which will be released initially to Bandcamp only, is made up of 12 short songs that tell the story of 12 famous chess games and their players. Each song has corresponding chords to each move on the board. Alongside the digital release, there will also be an NFT launched which Mick collaborated on with his sister, Sarah Barthelet, and her husband, Luc Barthelet.

Of the project, Mick says:

“A lockdown-induced chess-obsession was the inspiration for these songs. A chess piece e.g. knight, pawn… is given a corresponding musical chord, and thus the song structure follows the moves of a chosen (mostly famous) chess game. The lyrics of the songs deal primarily with the often-complex lives of the grandmasters. The audio will be widely available. The NFT idea is connected to videos where people (chess-nerds) can watch the chess game play out in time and harmony with the chords of the song. There’ll be 2D and 3D versions of these and they’ll be sold as digital tokens with 20% of all profits going to effective altruism”

Mick was recently interviewed by Ryan Tubridy on his radio show, they discussed the different historical games, and his process of writing the songs following the aforementioned structure of each chess piece having a corresponding musical chord.  This can be listened back to via this link:

There will be a more detailed explanation of the NFT discussed in the discord group dedicated to this project.  This can be joined at

‘King of Hate’ based on the life and death of Alexander Alekhine with chords married to the game  Alekhine vs Rodzynski in Paris in 1913 can be streamed or downloaded today via Bandcamp where the full set of songs are now available to pre-order.

Full list of the 12 songs and corresponding Chess games:

Night at the Opera

Paul Morphy vs Duke of Brunswick and Count Isouard

Paris, 1858

Take Your Beating Well

Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne

“The Evergreen Game”

Berlin, 1852

Pride And Sorrow

Paul Morphy vs Unknown amateur

Morphy begins a rook down.

New Orleans, 1858

Rashid And Firebird

Rashid Nezhmetdinov vs Samsonov (Rashid’s mentor)

Kazan, 1929

I’ll Learn To See

Judit Polgar (12yrs) vs Pavlina Chilingirova

Thessaloniki, 1988

Planet Ivanchuk

Vassily Ivanchuk vs Sergey Karjakin

Song ends at Vassily’s queen sacrifice.

Nice, 2008

Misha Misha

Mikhail Tal vs ​​Mikhail Botvinnik

Song ends at Tal’s famous Knight sacrifice.

Moscow 1960

Western Hero

Bobby Fischer (13yrs) vs Donald Byrne

Game Of The Century

New York City, 1956

Big Bang

Albert Einstein vs Robert Oppenheimer

Song ends as Oppenheimer resigns.

Princeton, 1933 (allegedly)

King Of Hate

Alexander Alekhine vs Rodzynski

The Wayward Queen

Paris, 1913

I Do Not Run

Gary Kasparov vs Guy West

Song ends as West resigns.

Via Telex 1977

Funny Things

Awonder Liang vs Gunay


Polgar Challenge (2021), Online

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