Marty Mone Debuts His Latest Single ‘The Day The World Shut Down’

November 17, 2020

For most of Ireland and its surrounding shores, Marty Mone needs no introduction.

This latest track details a bittersweet tale of the highly relatable notion of long distance relationships during a pandemic. It draws from his personal experiences of being away from his partner, Jules, who lives a considerable distance from him.

As we all know, the pandemic brought life to a screaming halt for many. Marty was in the midst of his Australia & New Zealand tour when the news hit, causing him to abruptly wrap up the last leg of his touring schedule. For Marty, it all came as a bit of a shock.

I never really saw or heard much about the virus during the tour. It felt like there was a lapse in time.”

The lyrics and motifs take a deeper, more emotional turn in comparison to Marty’s usual upbeat, happy-go-lucky style. The line, “as we look out over them city lights, watching the heroes moving through the night,” was inspired by an unforgettable moment watching the lights of the city out of an airplane window as he flew home from his tour. For him, adjusting to the new regulations of not being able to freely see his beloved Jules was the wake up call that life would be different from here on.

‘The Day The World Shut Down’ is out 23rd November.

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