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Latest Single From Phoenix and Wolfe ‘We’ll Get Used to it’

June 22, 2022

‘We’ll get used to it’ is the debut single from Phoenix and Wolfe -A duo bringing a kaleidoscope of sensuality and vulnerability to the music scene fusing Brazilian and Irish sound.

‘We’ll get used to it’ serves as a powerful debut for the duo. The audience are captivated from the beginning by an evocative Brazilian chord melody, accompanied by haunting vocals, with atmospheric electric guitar serving as a soft bed in the climax of this vulnerable reverie into grief and rebirth.

‘We’ll get used to it’ calls on us to make room for joy and demonstrates through the group vocal how recovery from grief comes from community and togetherness.

The male and female sung chorus serve as a reminder to the complexity and need for balance in life. Despite the heaviness of grief as a topic this song is truly about hope for the dawn, and we hear this echoed in the beginning and ending of the track as we hear the call of birdsong symbolizing the gift of a new day. The song truly comes to open up the heart as Amanda puts her art into motion, her song in fact her creation of new life and expansion after the loss of her husband five years ago.

The song recorded in 432hertz also to tie in with nature rather than traditional 440hertz is an intentional move by the duo as they bring healing frequencies into play with their beautiful message of rebirth.


Phoenix and Wolfe are a musical fusion of Irish and Brazilian mystique, wonder and sensuality.

Amanda Shannon a native of Ennis, Co Clare and Cairo Rocha who hails from Anapolis, Goias, in Brazil have been cultivating their unique style over the last year and released their debut single the 26th April this year.

They are influenced by many but highlight the likes of Sinead O Connor, Clannad, Mark Knopfler, Kiko Loreiro, Garry Moore and Nina Simone as their greatest musical hero’s.

Creating music that is both explorative and evocative. Seducing their listeners from the start as they lead you into another realm, marrying provocative lyrics with sophisticated melodies and arrangements.

Moving adeptly between acoustic and electric guitar, conquering both standard and DADGAD tuning to honor messages old and new born of each song. Their sound develops in such a way as to wrap itself around you weaving a spell that stays with you long after the record has ceased. A very up and coming duo, they are definitely ones to watch for 2022.

“A sensual mixture of Irish soul and Brazilian Heart. So beautiful and exotic. Amanda’s warm voice and Cairo’s distinctive guitar playing seduce the audience with every note. I was hooked from the minute I heard them” – Dora Gola

“Amanda and Cairo are two of the sweetest people and artists I’ve ever come across in all my time producing music. Vulnerable, kind-hearted and brave I’m glad they are making art and putting it into the world. We need more pure hearted music in this world and I am looking forward to all they have to give us” – Enda Gallery

“Phoenix and Wolfe are a mesmerising duo. With luscious and beautiful vocal tones, alongside gorgeous fingerstyle guitar. Melodies full of open hearted emotion. You can feel their connection from the very first note” SAL

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