Latest Single From Carsten2X ‘Pearls’

May 12, 2022

Dublin Hip-Hop / R&B producer and artist Carsten2X returns with his latest single “Pearls” April 22nd via Paragon Records. Exuding confidence and humour in equal measure, Carsten2X regrouped with producer / mixer Richard Furch (Tobi Lou, Frank Ocean, BJ the Chicago Kid) for his first offering of 2022.

Of the new single, Carsten2X commented:

“When I was writing Pearls I was kinda stressing out about a lot of shit. I had all these songs but I’m there being a perfectionist (not to sound egotistical but just being picky with my own beats, and the type of music I’m making) and I was overthinking how to make my own sound. I actually do grind my teeth (no cap in my raps). And just venting about being an over thinker.”

Born in Dubai, followed by a short time in Kazakhstan, Carsten2X was predominantly raised in the Dublin suburb of Shankill. His moniker derives from a combination of his Danish heritage (his mother is from Denmark), and his Irish heritage, with the 2X being a throwback to a previous moniker and his home: Dublin (ie ‘double’n).

The accompanying video for “Pearls” was directed by Willow Kennedy who has done similarly great creative work for artists such as Khakikid, Bricknasty and others within the burgeoning Dublin Hip-Hop / R&B scene.

Speaking about the writing and production on “Pearls”, Carsten2X says:

“I think it’s the first one where I’ve balanced out like two sides of the stuff I make, from R&B / HipHop to my hard drive of old indie rockish type demos. Pearls is a funny one, I actually wrote the hook and 1st verse 2 years ago. I just had this original demo track with these crunchy guitars for a while, had a couple of different versions where I was messing around with it, until I got to the final version which is kind of a mix of all them. But it’s funny, when I got to writing the second verse and rewriting some bits, a couple of months ago, I fell back in with the track, like sometimes you have to leave a track for a bit. The things on my mind back then I can relate to now in a different way, and I tried to continue with in the second verse.”

Carsten2X’s single “Pearls” is out April 22nd via Paragon Records, with more new music set for release later this year.

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