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Julia-Maria Unveils Debut ‘Faithless Follower’

October 27, 2020

On Friday, 23rd October, Irish singer-songwriter, Julia-Maria released her debut single, ‘Faithless Follower’, which is available to stream from all major streaming platforms including Spotify.

Launching her career with her debut single ‘Faithless Follower’, Julia-Maria presents a fresh new voice. Recorded and produced at Monique Studios, ‘Faithless Follower’ tells a story of freedom and loss, while the chorus is upbeat and hopeful, the deep resonance explores heartbreak and resilience.  

Julia-Maria is an artist emerging at full force, hailing from Cork, the multi-instrumentalist is one to watch. With resonances of Joni Mitchell, Feist and Eva Cassidy her sound is very much her own. Living by the sea, the Atlantic coast is her constant source of inspiration. Wise beyond her years the twenty-one-year-old explains, “I found my voice writing about nature and feeling it’s connection to my own life. Nature is a language everyone speaks. A flying bird is freedom, winter is the closing of a door and the changing seasons are changing emotions. The lyrical opportunities are endless, you just have to watch and listen.”   

Facebook: /JuliaMariaMusican

Instagram: /Julia_Maria_Music

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