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Jack O’Rourke Announces ‘Sea Swiming’

October 6, 2021

“Sea swimming . . . heart willing, I’ll dive with you into the dawn, cured and renewed in the tide reborn.”

‘Sea Swimming’ is the third track taken from Wild Place, Jack O’Rourke’s new album, due out on November 12.

Recorded at Triskel Christchurch in Cork, ‘Sea Swimming’ was inspired by Jack’s folk roots, and features the combined talents of Clare Sands (fiddle and viola), Aisling Fitzpatrick (Cello) and Hugh Dillon (guitar).

Written and recorded during a time of Irish lockdown, ‘Sea Swimming’ tells a tale of escapism . . . a much-needed escapism that many, confined within their location and thoughts, sought out and found in our encompassing and soul-cleansing waters.

“I made a bee-line for the brine
Didn’t think of the ice cold
Healing all that pain, in green and blue
Me and Martha, sun coming through . . .”

The track is part of a collection of thoughtful and personal songs that make up Wild Place, Jack O’Rourke’s second full-length album. Stripped back to some raw and emotional compositions that were recorded live in the atmospheric surrounds of Triskel Christchurch, Sea Swimming is another indication of what is in store on Wild Place . . .

“This trad-like folk tune came to me out of the blue, like a wave breaking. During lockdown, I’d a lack of purpose with little gigs. My head was muddled so I headed to the ocean. I  joined the multitudes, swimming in the big bad blue, to check what the fuss was about . . .

“I was hooked from the get go. I experienced renewal and rebirth, feeling a great weight was lifted. ‘Sea Swimming’ is all about connectivity and washing away burdens and trauma. There’s a sensuality to the sea. When I sing, “Sea Swimming, it’s fitting, with sunlight dancing on your skin, naked as a morning with you again”, it’s about connecting and being intimate and trusting with someone you love. To be at one with yourself and your closest pals.”

The sea really is magic . . .

Tour Dates

October 16 – Spirit Store – Dundalk

October 28 – The Royal Theatre, CastleBar, Co. Mayo

November 12 – Dolans Limerick

November 13 – The Courthouse Arts Theatre , Co Wicklow

November 27 – Triskel Christchurch, Cork

Twitter: @JackORourkes // Facebook: @JackORourkeMusic // Instagram: @jackorourkemusic // Website:

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