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J Smith Releases New EP ‘Three Dots’

April 20, 2022

The recording of the Three Dots Ep began in 2018, demoed at home and thrown into rotation with other songs so that a running order could be figured out for his critically acclaimed debut. ‘There were others in there already fitting the same purpose, or ones which might have changed the mood of ‘(…) And you chose not to laugh.’ Having decided not to include them, the songs still carried their own life and story and James knew he had to finish them and share them with the world.

The EP showcases James’ varied skills, having performed, recorded and mixed it himself, almost in its entirety. It features up and coming artist KEZ who helps James depict a severance of a relationship and how that affected his family. Push Up is a story of resilience and desire to turn a life around. Members of Glasshouse Orchestra, recorded by Grammy winning engineer Ben Rawlins, add to the sombering track. They were recorded in his home during the tracking of both James and brother Kevin’s (Kojaque) debuts. Finally, Again Again Again, highlights J’s finger picking style in this song about changing relationships; how things you once found endearing can suddenly seem grating and the doubt that ensues. Adding all these to the single Skipping Stones, which was released in March, the Three Dots EP captures what many felt over the last two years and gives fans a different side to James and his productions.

James plays Whelan’s Upstairs on the 22nd of April, bringing his music to life with an impressive band which include his brother Dan (Gypsies on the Autobahn), Donagh Seaver O’Leary (Sodablonde), Luke Howard (Glasshouse/Moondiver). Support is from friend Stevie Appleby.

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Photo Credit: Susannah Appleby

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