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Irish Rock Violinists Sephira Perform At Katie Taylor’s Ceremonial Weigh-In At Madison Square Garden

May 3, 2022

Sephira, the Irish Rock Violinists, took to the stage at a packed Madison Square Garden this past weekend.

Sisters Joyce and Ruth O’Leary were invited to “design, create and perform” the music for Katie Taylor’s weigh-in ahead of the historic fight against Amanda Serrano, the biggest fight ever in women’s boxing.

Sephira – The Irish Rock Violinists comprises of sisters Joyce & Ruth O’Leary -two classically trained musicians who have forged their own musical niche. The unique sound of Sephira has been compared to the emotional swells of a movie, sensational, dramatic, and filled with the full sweep of human passions.

The sparks of Sephira were apparent at a very young age. Joyce started playing violin at two and a half and Ruth at six years old. “It’s amazing how playing violin is as natural to us as speaking”says Joyce, the younger sibling. “It’s just like an extension of our bodies” says Ruth.

After studying at London’s Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Sephira broke away from their traditional classical influences and crafted their self-described “ethereal vocals and fiery fusion of dueling violins.” Their psychic sibling connection is palpable on stage with their mesmerizing delivery of identical choreography.

Sephira entered the commercial music industry with the release of their debut album, “Believe”, in 2006. “When we recorded our debut album, “Believe”, we were much younger and were just new to the music industry. Sephira has changed and developed so much since then and our performance is ever evolving. We will continue to push our boundaries and expand our vision to become the most powerful performers we can be, and most importantly, to keep our audience at the edge of their seats.” 

In their subsequent albums, “Starlight” and “Eternity”, the listener journeys through the exciting evolution of this remarkable duo.

It is said that the true measure of an artist is how much one is willing to sacrifice for one’s craft. Through hard work and determination Sephira today is counted among the world’s most exhilarating musical talents. Their television credits include appearances with Andrea Bocelli, Kanye West, Michael Buble and Enya. They have been privileged to tour the US & Canada with the PBS show “Celtic Thunder” and are featured on many of their DVDs. Following their time with CT, Sephira went on to appear on an Emmy nominated PBS show performing “Misirlou” from the soundtrack to the movie “Pulp Fiction.”

In live performances Sephira dazzled on stage at the pre-premiere of the Bond movie, “Skyfall,” in NYC followed by a performance for Women of Congress in Washington DC. They have been privileged to perform for other major dignitaries including a US President, US Vice President, US Secretary of Homeland Security, and the US National Coast Guard Foundation. Audiences across the globe continue to be mesmerized by Sephira’s original compositions, creative covers and charismatic personalities. Among their more celebrated fans are Prince Albert of Monaco and none other than their biggest fan, the late actor Larry Hagman.

“When you experience Sephira, you are instantly reminded that these girls are not delicate dainty creatures, they are two very talented and powerful women with fire in their souls” – Larry Hagman 

The personal strength and presence of Sephira are clear indicators of musicians who have fully arrived and are here to stay. 

“Music has the potential to unite and empower people all over the world – that is our goal”

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Sephira’s 3 albums, “Believe,” “Starlight” and “Eternity” are now available to order from the Sephira Store and are also available to download from iTunes, Rhapsody and Amazon.

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