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Irish R&B singer-songwriter Zeinab and George Mandizha release single ‘Summertime’

May 6, 2022

Irish R&B singer-songwriter Zeinab (feat. George Mandizha) latest single is a chilled summer vibe, that reverberates wistful & carefree summer love.

Zeinab’s soulful, velvet voice with hypnotic repetitive lyrics, partnered with George Mandizha’s production, lulls listeners into a sense of accepting warmth and calm. The kind of sensation one experiences when lost in carefree summer love.

The single will be released on Friday, 6 May across all music platforms. This is Zeinab’s second single of 2022 and first time collaborating with George Mandizha.

Zeinab was named Hot Press Magazine’s ‘Hot for 2022’ list of emerging Irish musical talent and Dublin Live’s ‘10 Dublin musicians set to make it big in 2022’.  The singer-songwriter is also a regular music contributor on Virgin Media’s ‘Six O’Clock Show’.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the song Zeinab said:

“’Summertime’ is an energetic summer bop. It’s familiar but fresh. About summer love and the excitement that comes with it. It’s the beginning of an adventure in love when the future is bright.”

“Beyond summer it’s also the feeling you get at the beginning of a relationship. The giddiness, the butterflies, the excitement and possibility of what could be.”

“I feel like it’s a song to listen to while driving with the windows down, wind in your hair, summer sun on your skin and this BLARING through the speakers. I hope it gives everyone those summer feels!”

Producer George who also features on the track describes Summertime as:

“Picture hip-hop grooves meets soul progressions and R&B elements, summertime is exactly that. It allows the listener to enter a vibrant new world that’s also familiar to them as it creatively takes elements from the 70s and the 90s but fits comfortably today. This song is for soul lovers who enjoy the golden era of soul music. The silky smooth vocals and passion Zeinab delivered creates a feeling that lovers of this genre will really appreciate.”

This is Zeinab’s first time working with London-based producer George Mandizha. She also collaborated with US-based illustrator Jamie Tam to produce the single’s fun bright artwork.

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