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Ian Ashford & The Solidarity Band Release Second Single

June 29, 2021

‘Polyanthus Scent’, out now, is the second single from Ian Ashford’s second album ‘Inheritance” due out in the summer of 2021. The project is an Irish- Franco collaboration.

The Dublin musician’s new single, ‘Polyanthus Scent’ is a reflective and moving ballad about discovery and being drawn into a world that’s as foreign as it is familiar.

Ashford’s composition is based around stumbling upon a portrait in an old green house as a boy and from there, the song’s wistful and reflective meditation begins.

Ashford’s band features Bastien Choukroun, Simon McCourt and Arthur Duburcq.

A stirring composition about family and memory, Ashford’s number is a quiet and revelatory joy.


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