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Hutch Releases Single & Announces New Album ‘A Trick of the Light’

August 5, 2022

The 3rd HUTCH single “Fall Asleep” is set for release on Friday 5th August.

The first singles (Cave in / Cold Bones) from the new album “Trick of the light”, offered an insight into the sound for the new album ‘Fall Asleep’ offers another darker glimpse;

“Fall Asleep has had a bit of a weird trajectory. I wrote it when I was about 23, and when I wrote it I had the idea that it would be an upbeat, strumy folk-pop thing, probably not a million miles away from Mumford & Sons (which was the style at the time). So I had this idea in mind when myself and Shayne (Byrne: Producer/collaborator) went in to record the second HUTCH album. For whatever reason, though, the track just wasn’t working. So Shayne had the idea to break it all down to its raw elements and rebuild it as a sort of dark, minimalist, almost trip-hop thing, which I really like. We then had the idea to shift the chorus into something a bit brighter and more upbeat, onto which I added some slightly African-sounding guitars. I feel like the song has been given a new lease of life and really works as a single. I hope other people can connect with it too”.

‘Fall Asleep’ offers another darker glimpse into the sound of Hutch’s forthcoming album A Trick of the Light, out 2nd Sept 2022.

About the album:

We went about the recording “Trick of the light” in much the same way as the first album ( “Romance&Melodrama” ), by working remotely from our respective studios in Derry and Carlow, and bouncing sessions back and forth. We went through a few different stages in the making of this album, building up, breaking down and rebuilding the arrangements for the songs, changing direction a few times in the process.

At Shayne’s (Byrne: producer / collaborator) suggestion, We stripped the songs down to their bare bones, and rebuilt the songs using the guitar in a slightly different way to the first album. Since the songs are generally a bit darker in tone, I felt like it was important to reflect this in the music. I set about basing most of the songs around the electric guitar (as opposed to the acoustic-driven first album), taking inspiration from players like Johnny Marr (The Smiths), Andy Summers (The Police), and Geordie Walker (Killing Joke) in how I approached the use of effects and how to build an arrangement of guitars to create something a little different.

Hopefully it’s something that people will enjoy & connect with in a meaningful way. 

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