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Hozier Announces New Album “Unreal Unearth” To Be Released August 18th

May 17, 2023


Today, award-winning multi-Platinum singer/songwriter Hozier has announced his forthcoming album Unreal Unearth will be released August 18 via Island Records. Unreal Unearth is available for pre-order  and features previously released tracks “Eat Your Young” and “All Things End” as well as new single “Francesca” out this Friday, May 19th.

In a handwritten letter to fans, Hozier said “It’s my great pleasure at long last to make the official announcement on the release date of my third album, Unreal Unearth…I’m proud of this record and enjoyed watching it come to life over the past year. Thank you as always for your support and patience while it was coming to fruition.”

In September 2013, when Irish solo artist Andrew Hozier-Byrne released his debut single – a song called ‘Take Me To Church’ – which he had mostly recorded in the attic of his parent’s house in Wicklow (his father a blues musician, his mother an artist), little did he know about the hurricane-strength surge in public interest that the song would spark, carrying him to international stardom.

A full ten years and billions of streams later, Hozier still calls Wicklow home. While his music takes him all over the world, it is Ireland and its people and places, the weather and landscape; where a stream is still something that runs down at the bottom of the garden, that calls him back to where he feels he naturally belongs.

But as Hozier prepares to release his third album – Unreal Unearth – his passion for his art is undimmed, and his curiosity about our world – and all that is good and bad about it – remains undiminished.

Unreal Unearth is released on August 18th, 2023.

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