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Hallie Releases New Single ‘Circles’

October 4, 2021

‘Circles’ marks the return of Irish award winning singer/songwriter/recording artist Hallie following her one year music journey with three singles in her belt and national & worldwide airplay. Inspired by relationships which are challenging and difficult to hold firm boundaries. It deals with emotive, deep issues while bringing Hallie’s sound to an upbeat dance pop track!

Hallie was diagnosed with inoperable end stage double jaw joint degenerative disease earlier this year & no hope of replacements due to permanent mental health & chronic illnesses. Hallie will never be free of chronic pain which debilitates her singing but made the decision to continue despite it all. She wants to use her platform to advocate for others going through similar issues.

She wants to remind people they are not alone & raise awareness of conditions which aren’t talked about enough & help end the stigma.

Hallie wants to inspire others to make their own music career path, break music industry norms for people who are debilitated & can’t preform live to ‘normal artist standards’.


Hallie is an Irish multiple award winning cross genre singer/songwriter/recording artist. She emerged as ‘Hallie’ in early ’19 with her debut single “Familiar Place” to critical acclaim, with rotation on multiple national/worldwide radio stations. Hallie has made the ‘RTE Recommends Playlist’ with all her singles to date. Hallie is an avid mental health & chronic pain advocate living with chronic illnesses & wants to use her platform to advocate & remind others who’ve struggled that they’re never alone. She began writing poems & songs as a personal release to soothe & channel her life long battle with depression, anxiety & chronic pain. She graduated with a BA Hons Degree in Music (WIT) ’15, after completing her first year in BIMM Dublin. Her music & songs were kept private and personal for years. Hallie won the first Golden Discs Golden Busker Competition ’19 & Best Original Song in the Guinness Singing & Swinging Awards. With her Golden Disc’s prize she recorded her music professionally for the first time at The Orchard Recording Studio. She was diagnosed with inoperable end stage double jaw joint degenerative disease, debilitating her from touring as a ‘normal artist’ in ’21. Despite her challenges, she chose to continue and fight! She wants to inspire others to follow their dreams, rewrite music industry norms & fight for what you love even when you don’t feel deserving. Her new single ‘Circles’ is out now. So much more music coming!

You can find Hallie through the below links:


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