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God Knows Releases First Single on Narolane Records

August 6, 2021

God Knows is one of the founders of Ireland’s most prolific and exciting labels, narolane records. As a collective, narolane’s creative output conveys their ethos with surety, authenticity and unapologetic ambition. That ethos is to be true to what is right, what is excellent and what is unexpected.

This commitment to excellence has caught the attention of the world’s most revered cultural commentators and music media, with The NME, NPR, France 24, The Irish Times, The BBC, The Guardian, RTÉ, The Fader, Vice and The New York Times all turning their attention to this revolutionary collective.

God Knows has been patiently waiting for the right time to drop his first release on his own label – and now that time is finally here.

On Friday 6th August 2021, God Knows releases ‘Glory’ on narolane records. Featuring the vocal stylings of Senita Appiakorang, this Amapiano track draws on the South African jazz and deep house rhythms that are making waves the world over – and God Knows has long been known on these shores for paying homage to great music and great artists in his own, innovative way.

Collectively, narolane records says: “When we decide enough is enough, it seems like the Earth shakes beneath our very feet in subtle ways. First quiet, and then louder and louder as we refuse to drown ourselves out. Narolane was founded on the principles of integrity and love. Amapiano is close to our souls. Southern African jazz and deep house full of the rhythms that made us.

The genre is new on this side of the world, but once upon a time so were we,” the man who has been called the Architect of Irish Hip Hop continues, “and there was power in not compromising who we are then, and so we chose not to compromise here either.

Since he first began making music, God Knows has been held up as a mentor of the rap scene in Ireland. Although this is a role he relishes, having encouraged so many along the way, ‘Glory’ is all about bringing it back to his roots. Produced by his brother, Godwin Jonas, God Knows explains the importance of the song’s message.

Glory means to bring honour. It means having the courage to risk it all. It means not blinking first. To take advantage of everything that has ever been taken for granted. To find the places where we have abandoned ourselves. To accept that you’ll get punched in the face and smile while your nose bleeds, knowing that we never fight for victory. We fight from victory. And so we give honour to the people who give us joy. Unapologetically black, Irish, diasporan, complex, fluid, and grounded. Glory is not a feeling, not ego worship, not insecurity. A lifestyle of praise and truth. Excellence, honour, praise, celebration, power, respect, integrity, purpose.

This is what it means to walk in the Knowledge of God.


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