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Ghost Boy Set to Release Debut Single ‘Reach For The Stars’

May 16, 2022

Ghost Boy (Michael Moore) is an independent Hip Hop Artist, Rapper and Producer from Galway, Ireland. He started making and releasing music in 2020, using the time in lockdown to learn music production. He produces all of his own tracks, taking inspiration from Kanye West and Brockhampton when it comes to making beats.

Combining classic hip-hop motifs and daring production with a pop influence, his style leads to an alternative hip-hop sound that stems from mixing samples with his own melodies.

Ghost Boy has recently started writing features and producing for other Irish artists.

‘Reach For The Stars’ is an alternative hip hop song by Galway artist Ghost Boy. It’s a song about having confidence in yourself and your own journey, even if it doesn’t seem to make sense to other people. It’s about believing in yourself. The song was produced by Ghost Boy and it is his debut single. The whole song has a crunchy and distorted sound to it. The instruments and vocals are beautifully distorted to lean into the way the subject matter is being explored. Ghost Boy puts a lot of power into his vocals to show that he has total belief in himself and what he’s doing.

The point of the song is to encourage others to do the same, to pursue something meaningful. To reach for the stars regardless of what anyone else thinks. The song serves as a response to some of the negative comments he received online when he started putting music out there for people to see.

The main instrument you can hear is a beautiful church organ that’s being juxtaposed and drowned out by the lush, fuzzy guitar that features heavily throughout. The guitar on the track was recorded by Galway indie artist Uisce Jones in his home studio. It adds a nice sense of live instrumentation on top of the digital instruments.

The song’s chorus highlights Ghost Boy’s commitment to reaching great heights when it comes to making music and art. Ghost Boy hopes that by exuding confidence on this track, he will inspire others to follow in their own pursuits and ignore the naysayers.

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