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Frames’ the new single by Cynthia Catania drops this December 9th 

November 29, 2022

“Love songs with interesting storylines and sentiments are tricky to capture,” says the singer-songwriter-producer, Cynthia Catania. “I attempted to relive the moment when one first feels that connection with another human being. Safe to say it’s something we all crave at one point or another. The love I tried to convey is about being witnessed. Feeling loved and seen for who we really are.  Experiencing that beauty through someone else’s eyes – that’s humbling and expansive.  You know me and you see me in a painter’s frame with a master’s name. (excerpt from the song)  We’re all works of art.”

“After you’ve caught your breath and taken it all in, the feeling that you’re dealing with the real thing becomes irresistible.”  [Re: Cynthia Catania and the female-fronted band Saucy Monky, formed with her Irish music partner (at the time), Annmarie Cullen]. – Niall Stokes, HotPress

“[Cynthia] comes up with an excellent, simple melody that starts off easy. Bringing in just a few extra elements with a brief and lean arrangement touch makes the song truly stand out. And she does it by not overcomplicating things and letting her melody line and her voice stand out. Cynthia has received some great support on her previous releases from quite a few music outlets, and now she hopes to make an even bigger name for himself across Irish media and around the world. Listening to this track, you get the impression she just might get it. – Ljubinko, The Other Side Reviews

“Cynthia Catania is a woman of many talents, which is most likely how she’s survived the rollercoaster music industry in Ireland and her US home for close to two decades. A beloved indie darling, many Irish fans will remember the rise of SaucyMonky, formed by Catania alongside Dublin native Annmarie Cullen.” – Kate Brayden, HotPress 

 “One of the most influential female performing artists in the last 100 years…”  – Dave Bruce,, Australia.

 “[Cynthia (singer/producer) & The Secret Things] manage to create a version balancing power and restraint, a musical tide that pulls the listener in and just up to the edge of the maelstrom, a majestic cacophony if ever there was one.” – Down By The Water/Single Review-A & R Factory


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