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Four Nights Releases Debut EP ‘Bed’

July 7, 2021

Dublin-based Four Nights has released his debut EP ‘Bed’. It features 5 tracks – including ‘Grow So Cold’ and ‘Want You Always’ – and is available on all streaming platforms. Four Nights (the moniker of Cork-based Tommy Buckley) has amassed over 4000 monthly listeners on Spotify, and combined streams of over 160k.

‘Bed’ is a concept record, centering around the journey of one relationship; from its beautiful beginnings to its inevitable, yet devastating, ending. “I’ve been building up to this moment since last June,” Tommy Buckley AKA Four Nights says upon revealing the news. “It feels strange, but exhilarating, that these songs are finally out in the world!

Although the bulk of the record was written in 2020, there are no references to the pandemic. However I will say that Four Nights wouldn’t exist had it not been for the lockdown! In February 2020 I left Ireland with the intention of travelling South East Asia for a year, and with that, completely switching off from music. Only 5 weeks later, I was forced to come home as the world shut down. Music was the only thing I could do in an 8 week lockdown, so I bought a new mic and a midi keyboard, and began writing a new song everyday. ‘Bed’ is the by-product of that period of my life.”

‘Bed’ is out now.

Stream ‘Bed’ here:

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