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Emma Langford returns with new single Abigail (Tomhas Ghobnatan).

February 15, 2023

Limerick singer-songwriter Emma Langford has returned with a new single Abigail (Tomhas Ghobnatan).

The track was recorded in the world-famous Grouse Lodge (REM, Shirley Bassey, Muse) by Alex Borwick.  Performers on the track include Hannah Nic Gearailt (keys), Heather Nash (brass), Lucia MacPartlin (violin), Clare Martyn (drums), Ailbhe Dunne (bass).

Artwork for the track was created by Kerry artist, Ciaraíoch, inspired by the lyrics and flow of the song, by stories of Gobnait and her bees, by the tradition of Gobnait’s Measure, and by the stained glass image of Gobnait at Honan’s Chapel in UCC.

Emma Langford explains the origin of the song:

“While on residency in Ballyvourney, County Cork, I heard of a ritual called tomhas Ghobnatan (Gobnait’s Measure) which involves a measure of blessed ribbon. The name itself made me think about how we measure each other, and decide on the worth of others through this lense.

In the case of the main character of this love song of mine, I sing the praises of a woman who doesn’t judge harshly, who takes us as we are and forgives us our past misdeeds.”

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