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Emerging Alternative Folk Singer-Songwriter Sinéad Ann Makes her Debut with Stunning Single ‘Lemonzest’

October 7, 2022

German-Irish singer songwriter Sinéad Ann evokes wistful, mystical, breath-taking music influenced by the stunning misty landscapes of Ireland. Sinéad Ann’s music casts light upon the shadows through juxtaposing, ethereal melodies. She was awarded the Irish Youth Music Awards BIMM Bursary in 2017. She then went on to study a BA in Commercial Modern Music in BIMM Institute Dublin, graduating in 2021. Her career was elevated by her performance in Irish language duo Muirsiné alongside fellow musician Muireann Ní Bhaoill. Muirsiné won the GRETB award of Excellence and Achievement in 2016. She directed the Youth Chorus of Paper Boat, an opera commissioned by Galway 2020 collaborating with the Irish National Opera and MFG. Sinéad Ann’s new music is due to be released in Autumn 2022 and she is certainly one to watch with her impressive, remarkable, lucious, distinctive vocals that stand out from the crowd. Her music is full of colour and she is bound to make a name for herself in the music industry as she embarks on her journey with her debut release.

Tackling identity, intuition, and naivety in her new song, German-Irish singer-songwriter Sinead Ann releases her Alternative Folk debut, Lemonzest. Through juxtaposing grim lyrics and uplifting instrumentals, Sinéad captures the initial sting of biting into a lemon and the bitter sweetness of seeing true colours. Sinéad blends harmony and dissonance to illustrate her frustration with superciality and its dark consequences. Lemonzest takes listeners on a journey through Sinéad’s development as a musician and artist, learning to trust her intuition and break the cycle of self-sabotage.

The musical accompaniment inspires imagery of Irish landscapes and creates a mystical hypnotic effect, almost making the acidic lyrics sound sweet. Lemonzest exudes that tart feeling you get when you realise someone’s true thoughts and intentions about you. This profoundly emotional song is about refusing to entertain what does not serve you and embracing the freedom of trusting your instinct. The word ‘gorgeous’ has lost value, and the backhanded flattery  no longer holds its charm.

Sinead Ann’s stunning, memorable debut ‘Lemonzest’ released October 5th 2022.

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