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Dunluvly to Release Dream Pop Single ‘Hazey’

April 19, 2021

Dublin-based singer/songwriter/producer Dunluvly is set to release a new single, ‘Hazey’ on 14th May. The track is a three year project that features layered guitars and contemporary bedroom-pop production. The wavy flanger fingerstyle guitar carries you into a trance-like state, that is complemented by a creative use of guitar delay effects.

This is the first single Dunluvly has released since his EP ‘Plethora’. The EP caught features on Hot Press Magazine, The AU Review and The Thin Air in the wake of 2020.

Dunluvly says, “I wrote this track about a state of distracted anxiety that I named ‘the haze’ at a young age. Through many years of being a bit of a hippie, I developed a way to map the things that would lead me into this state of mind. This song is the story of that process.

He goes on to say, “This was probably the most delicate recording process I’ve ever encountered. I caught the sound in the original demo, but failed to recreate it for so long. That’s probably why this track took three years to complete.

Dunluvly is a multi-instrumentalist and producer born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. With roots in traditional Irish music and psychedelic indie, his sound is often described as a sonically rich experience.

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