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Denise Chaila Releases New EP ‘It’s A Mixtape’

November 26, 2021

As an artist always pushing boundaries and delighting in non-conformity, it shouldn’t come as a shock when Denise Chaila surprises us with a brand new project – but the internationally acclaimed rapper has a knack for the unexpected.

On Friday 26th November , narolane records releases a brand new EP from Denise Chaila.

The 5-track EP is irreverently titled ‘It’s A Mixtape ’ – if you know, you know.

Featuring ‘061’, the track that saw MTV teach the world Limerick’s area code, and most recent single ‘Energy’, which displays a whole different side to Denise Chaila, the EP also features two further songs ‘Might Be’ and ‘Return of the King’ as well as the powerful interlude, ‘I a M’.

It’s the fiercely-titled ‘Return of the King’ that Chaila hones in on as the focus track for this EP, and it certainly lives up to its title with the MC taking her sound in an exciting new direction full of colour, character and life, displaying her artistic range. ‘Return of the King’ reminds everyone that, at her core, Denise Chaila is, above-all, a bona fide MC with deliveries as fiery as they are grimey.

On Monday, Denise Chaila launched the next RTÉ Choice Music Prize, which she won earlier this year with her debut mixtape, ‘Go Bravely’ – the first time a mixtape was ever awarded the prestigious Album of the Year title. Just this past weekend, ‘Go Bravely’ was named in the Irish Independent’s ‘10 Best Irish Albums of the Past 10 Years’.

Chaila has just returned from playing Pitchfork Paris, where hundreds of people sang back the words of her single ‘Anseo’ (the Irish word for ‘here’).

She has further dates set across Europe before her headline show at Dublin’s 3Olympia Theatre on Friday 25th February 2022. Tickets are on sale now

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