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Debut EP from Graham O’Hara for Men’s Aid Ireland

August 27, 2021

Dublin singer-songwriter Graham O’Hara releases new EP ‘When Mountains Get Paved’ on 27.08.2021 as a fundraiser for Men’s Aid Ireland.

Graham O’Hara is a Dublin singer-songwriter and has been on the Irish music scene since 2009, performed with acts such as Satellite Generals, Amberfly and Jamie Duff. Describing himself as “a guitarist by trade but a songwriter at heart“, his foray into a solo career has seen two single releases so far.

His upcoming EP ‘When Mountains Get Paved’ is a fundraiser for the charity Men’s Aid Ireland. As Graham explains:

While I have no first hand experience with domestic violence, the topic came to my attention early in lockdown when it was pointed out that those experiencing domestic violence are now trapped with their abusers. Men’s Aid Ireland is the only charity of its kind in Ireland and donating to them will support male victims with legal costs, counselling support, support clinics amongst other costs.”

‘Keep It in’ is the first single and was released 19.08.2021.

This track is about learning how to open up to loved ones and to take every opportunity to share your feelings with them as “none of us know when we’re gonna go”. There will be a music video for ‘Keep It In’, release date to be confirmed.

‘Loneliness’ is the second single and was released 25.08.2021.

‘Loneliness’ is a call to action to disconnect from the meaningless and connect with each other. The Covid-19 lockdowns have brought about both physical and psychological barriers between us all and despite the fact that we are all experiencing the same pandemic, its impact is felt differently by everyone. This inspired Graham to pen ‘Loneliness’. The lyric video for ‘Loneliness’ was released 26.09.2021.

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