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Danny G & the Major 7ths Joins Forces with All-Star Cast of Irish Hip-Hop Artists

June 25, 2021

Make Me Feel (Believing) is the new single from Danny G & the Major 7ths featuring an all-star cast of Irish hip-hop artists. Breezy Ideygoke, 0phelia & King Koko provide the verses. The track is a rework of the song ‘Believing‘, reimagined by producer JusMe, using samples & audio stems of the original to create something entirely new. Digital release on June 25th, 2021 – listen on streaming services.

Danny: “I’d been a fan of Breezy’s for ages. I worked with 0phelia on my first album, and DJ Stevie G put me onto King Koko. I reached out to them and everything was recorded remotely. We’ve got 3 completely different rap verses, each with their own unique personality, energy and style. 0phelia got beatmaker and skratchologist JusMe involved which was a gamechanger – he transformed the instrumental, and I sprinkled some of my original vocals and flute from our track ‘Believing’ on top of his production. What we’ve ended up with is a feelgood summer banger with a positive message.

The intro features interviews with Sinead O’Connor (2020 – talking about her mental health) and Seamus Heaney (1995 – speaking about his Nobel prize). The two clips struck me in different ways, O’Connor’s for the bravery and power of her words “we’re all going through these things”. And Heaney although he’s speaking in ’95, could be describing today’s lockdown in Ireland – “a new mood in the country that promises new energy”. Even though there is this frustration and anxiety at not being able to play live music, it also seems like Irish artists are on a creative high right now, particularly in the Soul / Hip-hop arena. The struggles of lockdown can force you to get to work DIY style and find new ways of making music, and for me this track is a perfect example of that.

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