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Daniel Cohen Releases New Single ‘Cosmic Collisions’

December 8, 2022

Daniel Cohen burst on to the pop scene in 2022 like a fresh Atlantic breeze. Hailing for Galway on the West coast of Ireland, Daniel started writing music in his teens, and was part of a semi successful Irish rock band for many years.

After the demise of the band, Daniel worked tirelessly as an independent music producer for over a decade (USA, Sweden & Spain) helping other independent artists and bands achieve their dream of getting a recording contract. However his own dream of being a pop artist never died, and in 2022 he decided to give it a real shot and see if he could write, sing and perform as well as the best of them.

His debut single in June ‘Will you Ride with me Tonight?’ Reached #15 in the Irish IMRO charts and also had almost 30,000 views on YouTube. A good result for an independent artist with very little help. For his second release, he chose a song sung by Diana Ross in 1985, ‘Chain reaction’ which received very positive reviews internationally and also garnered thousands streams online.

Daniel’s third single ‘Cosmic Collisions’ due out on December 2nd will be his first attempt at making the Irish charts. The single was written as an engagement song to ask his partner for her hand in marriage this Christmas. This cracking song was written by Cohen, with the music produced by long time collaborator Seamus O’Duignean who is based in Shanghai China. The vocals and mixing were done in Antwerp in Belgium where Daniel currently resides.

Daniel’s music influences are firmly based in funk soul and the Motown greats. Little Richard, Bruno Mars and George Michael would be among his favourite artists and The Spinners, The Isley Brothers and The Temptations would be among his favourite groups.

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