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Dance with Danger, 4th single from Singer-Songwriter and Dancer Dora Gola

June 14, 2022

Dance with Danger is Dora Gola’s fourth and most daring single. Dora and collaborator Darragh Keary take bolder moves into the terrain of gospel and techno with explosive choruses where Dora unleashes the full arsenal of her vocal prowess.

Like the singles predecessor ‘Jestem’ melds Polish and English seemingly without pretence. The song feels on the edge of emotional breakdown and conquering the impossible. Beautiful lush synthesisers sweep through techno grooves that send the listener to the dizzying cliff heights of adventure and danger.

Album “Dance with Danger” due Autumn 2022.

Named as “Album to Look Forward To” by Tony Clayton-Lea of The Irish Times

Named as Hot for 2022 by Hot Press Magazine (February 2022)
Instagram: doragola
Twitter: doragola

‘Dance with Danger’ is available from 17th June 2022

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