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Cork Indie Singer/Songwriter Kev Olden to Release New Single ‘Ache’

October 6, 2021

‘Ache’ is the upcoming single from Irish indie artist Kev Olden. The Toronto based songwriter’s newest release captures the paranoia and defeat of ongoing heartbreak with an untrustworthy lover. Written in lockdown and produced with fellow Irish artist Tiz McNamara‘Ache’ is a tension-filled belter that culminates in a spiralling and archaic outro of gritty guitar and bellowing drums.

This is the 3rd single from Olden’s EP ‘Time We Have Left’.


Kev Olden is an indie artist from Cork. His debut single Hush captures the arresting power of memories – how they can be both painful and restorative. He blends folk, alternative and indie pop to produce a sound that’s melancholic, atmospheric and instantly memorable.

He moved from Dublin to Toronto in March of 2020, just before the world shut down. He says ‘Time We Have Left’ is the culmination of a year in a new environment, in and out of isolation and in and out of the studio. Lockdown gave him the space to contemplate and write and the result is reflective, tender and clearly influenced by artists like Bon Iver and Jack Garratt.

‘Time We Have Left’ is about capturing and recreating the connections that we’re lacking at the moment but that give us hope that we’ll experience those feelings again. I wanted to describe the mood between two people who have nothing to do but be with each other. It’s about being able to sit in that calm, comfortable silence that’s also charged with anticipation and desire,” said Olden.


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