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Charles Boulevard release festive single ‘For Whom The Bell Tolls’

December 2, 2022

This week sees the release of Charles Boulevard’s new seasonal song “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. The song is a taster from the Czech/Irish group’s new album which will see release early in the new year.

Lyricist Dermot Condron explains “We wanted to write a Christmas themed song with a different approach, so we had the idea of starting the song at New Year and ending with Christmas. That is the structure of the year so why not a New Year/Christmas song instead of the other way around!”

The song opens with the bells counting down the New Year, but the subject reflects on last year’s faded resolutions and wonders if we are just “counting last years revolutions, that have never been fulfilled”. The chorus then asks the question are those bells ringing out in celebration or tolling for us?

Dermot adds “When we see events today, who knows?, only time will tell and the bells mark our time.”

The song then takes us to Christmas where we always seem to find that faith in humanity and optimism for the future. The final verse contrasts our earthly New Year celebrations to the meaning of Christmas and to the revolutions of a higher power.

The song suggests that New Year is of our world but Christmas is on a higher level. If the divine power can turn the world around in 24 hours (“It only takes one revolution to turn this big old world around”) it can also send us a saviour to give us hope for the year ahead.

For a seasonal song Pavel Holada offers up an impassioned lead vocal while Berny PB delivers a juggernaut polar express rhythm section.

The Band have a busy new year scheduled which will see the release of their second album in February/March.

“For Whom The Bell Tolls” is now available on all digital platforms.

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