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CATALAN! Single ‘Fortune’ Released from Forthcoming Debut Album ‘Veritas’.

August 28, 2020

On the 28th August, CATALAN! release the second single, ‘Fortune’ from forthcoming debut album ‘Veritas’.

‘Fortune’ is the second single from the forthcoming debut album Veritas being released through a new Northern Irish record label, BOLDER, founded by Ewen Friers, Rory Friers (ASIWYFA) and Brian Coney, Luik Records (Belgium) and Gunnar Records (Germany).

CATALAN! is a straight-up celebration of diversity and curiosity. Marking a clean break for Belfast-based musician Ewen Friers, one-third of Northern Irish punk trio Axis Of, it’s bombastic, forward-pushing indie rock emboldened by the world around us. 

Fortune maintains the rhythmical and bouncy energy established on previous CATALAN! single Roussillon Serenade, but there is a wistful twist to this follow up. For CATALAN!, mixing that reflective and emotive flavour with world music swing is everything. CATALAN! should feel like an eclectic adventure to the listener and this poignant lyrical poetry merged with indie guitar loops and Latin inspired beats achieves just that.  

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