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Caoilian Sherlock Releases ‘Shades Of You’

September 26, 2019

Playing guitar and writing songs since the age of fifteen, Cork musician Caoilian Sherlock is well worn through years in rock and roll bands, but his new solo material takes more considered turn.

Caoilian released his debut EP ‘The Faraway’ under the moniker Saint Caoilian in 2017. With the release of his new single ‘Shades Of You’ on Thursday 26th September, and a full length album to follow, he has revoked his own sainthood and made the brave decision to re-enter the world as a mere mortal.

Caoilian says: “Even though I released an EP as Saint Caoilian two years ago, I didn’t really know what I wanted it to sound like or what I wanted to do with myself. I started recording with a full band for an album instead of trying to do everything myself, which I have come to realise isn’t the actual meaning of “solo”.

For me, I understand the new meaning of “solo” – is not to be afraid to put all your intentions and ideas out into the world. I dropped the name Saint Caoilian because it was a very tiny inside joke to myself and because I thought, I could always change my name again if I felt like it wasn’t working. It was a very subtle way of hiding in plain sight which is a pointless exercise.”

‘Shades of You’ by Caoilian Sherlock features Leah Hearne on vocals, Ruairi Dale on guitar, Paul Leonard on drums, and Diarmuid MacCarthaigh on keys. The single was recorded and mixed with Brendan Fennessey, drummer for the band O Emperor, who most recently produced the Choice Music Prize winning album ‘Jason’ at the beginning of 2019. The whispery yet scratchy vocals were attained by using an old Shurre 550L microphone once used for announcements at Limerick Junction train station.

Expect to hear a lot more from Caoilian in the foreseeable future. He says: “Over the next few months, I will release more music under my own name and this time it will be with intent, with trust in myself and everyone who works and plays music with me. It won’t be a big deal for anyone else, but ‘Shades of You’ is the first song I release that will feel and sound very different.”

During live performances he is backed with an electric guitar, a “super cool rock band”, a sense of entitlement, a degree of casual sombreness, mixed with a joyous approach to playing music. See Caoilian live at at Ireland Music Week in The Grand Social, Dublin, on Saturday 5th October, and in The Roundy, Cork, on Saturday 19th October.

Stream/Buy the single:


Caoilian Sherlock
Ireland Music Week @ The Grand Social, Dublin
10pm-10.30pm, Saturday 5th October


Caoilian Sherlock
The Roundy, Cork,
Saturday 19th October 2019


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