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Blue Jean Sadness Share Debut EP ‘Death In Bloom’

July 29, 2021

Blue Jean Sadness are a duo from Ireland. The pair needed a change of scenery after a brutal pandemic year and a life of fast-paced experiences. They found the perfect place; a modest apartment overlooking one of the largest cemeteries in the country.

As they spent months and months silently allowing the place to seep into their consciousness, these songs emerged. The result is an EP titled ‘Death In Bloom’. Angie is the singer, Zeppelin the instrumentalist, and both wrote, produced and mixed this EP whilst overlooking the graveyard.

“9 months ago, we moved into a new room, in a new apartment, overlooking this graveyard. This view has become the bedrock of our entire year. Our conversations became overtaken by this cemetery, our dreams became infused with images of graves, and our songs became overrun with thoughts of death and rebirth.” – Zeppelin.

“Death is the great unspoken bond between us all. Every human has a relationship to it, but no one wants to talk about it. This EP was born from our surroundings, from this idea that all must end and all must begin again. We hope you’ll experience this journey with us, through our music.” – Angie.

‘Your Love’s Grown Cold’ is the first single from the EP, a Rock-infused Ballad about realising you must let something go in your life, and grappling with the pain it will inevitably cause. The ‘Death In Bloom’ EP deals with these themes of grief, death, and rebirth throughout it’s 6 songs. ‘Your Love’s Grown Cold’ sums up this message perfectly.

A video for the song was filmed in the cemetery which inspired it’s creation, and shows a young woman locked in a very real battle for peace with a threatening figure….

Blue Jean Sadness are very proud to present their debut body of work, the ‘Death In Bloom’ EP.

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