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Billow Wood Announce Latest Single

July 9, 2018

Billow Wood are set to release their latest single ‘Pushin’ and Shovin’’ on 20th July.

Nothing says Summer like an upbeat harmony driven folk-pop song. ‘Pushin’ and Shovin’ is full of creative energy and fearless lyrics, with both male and female lead vocals coupled with diverse instrumentation.

The opening lines “The view from my room has them Pushin’ and Shovin’, yet I stand alone connect nothing with nothing” creates an image of someone who appears to have it all in the eyes of others, yet is struggling behind the scenes.

When the chorus kicks in you find yourself toe tapping to the juxtaposition of up beat pop rhythms with slightly somber lyrics.

I know when your here there’s nothing that I fear, but I know when you’re there it’s too far for you to care” paints a picture of unreliability from someone that you are emotionally attached to, especially if they are not always close by. However, the catchy melody and Summer vibe rhythm should have you singing along by the last chorus.

Billow Woods unique ability to fuse modern folk pop has allowed them to create a fresh sounding summer track you will have on repeat.


13th France, Grenay
14th France, Aix- Noulette
20th Leitrim, Fringe Fest

3rd Ballyshannon Folk Festival | Main Stage with Alan Kelly, Eddie Reader and Aslan
7th Mayo, Manchester Trad Fest, Matt Molloys

Orlando, Cincinatti, Indianapolis Irish Fest. **details to be announced on social media soon**

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