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BABA Promotes Body Positivy & Inclusivity with ‘Keep You Safe’

May 28, 2021

Dublin singer-songwriter BABA releases new single ‘Keep You Safe’ a neo soul earworm, that supports inclusivity and body positivity, today Friday 25th May.

2020 got off to an incredible start for Dublin singer songwriter BABA. In March it was announced that the artists second single, ‘I, Defy’  was included on the 2nd edition of 100% Her by Universal Production Music, supported by and She Is The Music, released on International Women’s Day, listen here.

The album was released on International Women’s Day (8th March 2021) and showcases contemporary songs written exclusively by women.

10 tracks, 9 artists all of which were composed, mixed and mastered by women making it once again 100% HER!

The album was Mixed by Olga Fitzroy (Dua Lipa, Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, Hanz Zimmer) and Mastered by Katie Tavini (Ash, Arlo Parks, Nadine Shah)

The ongoing project underscores Universal Production Music’s focus on working to increase the number of women in production music and champions the huge contributions made by women in the industry.

‘I Defy’ was the second single from Dublin singer-songwriter Siobhan Lynch a.k.a BABA which she released in 2018, it’s pro-woman, pro-choice, pro-equality and pro-doing what the hell you feel like as long as you aren’t hurting anybody. Baba is the only Irish artist to be featured on this album.

‘100% HER: Contemporary Popular Songs’ will be released on the Universal Production Music Atmosphere label and will be available for licensing:

Since the album was released, Dublin singer-songwriter BABA announces new single ‘Keep You Safe’ a neo soul gem, that supports inclusivity and body positivity. Accompanying the single is a beautiful video by illustrator Sarah Gray. Her work is bold, graphic and playful, with lots of colour and texture, and draws on themes of body acceptance & inclusivity, feminism and the natural world.

“If I had the chance to go back and meet my younger self, growing up and trying to figure out the world, these are the words I would use: there is a way to keep yourself safe, to do battle with the struggle to find your place in life. 

Growing up, I was always at war with myself & that’s a dangerous place to be. You think you have nobody backing you and that leaves you vulnerable and frightened. As a woman, there were always conditions to my existence. We are always too fat, too skinny, too loud, too quiet. The list goes on… If you are female in a minority group that scrutiny intensifies tenfold.

This song is a reminder that if you can find the strength to dig deep and learn to love yourself then, you always have someone to back you. Someone to keep you safe.

Right now, it’s quite a radical thing to do: to love and accept yourself. It’s a simple sentiment but an important one. It isn’t echoed enough. You are your own safety net – you always have someone to ‘Keep You Safe'” – BABA

The video was directed, animated and edited by Sarah Gray & because of lock down restrictions was shot in Siobhan’s garage by Dara McDonagh.

Sarah Gray is an illustrator, animator and designer based in Dublin. After studying Fine Art at DeMonfort University, Leicester, she moved to Ireland where she now works in advertising. Her work is bold, graphic and playful, with lots of colour and texture, and draws on themes of body acceptance & inclusivity, feminism and the natural world. You can see more of her work at

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