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Aodán Coyne’s Solo Album Out This Friday

November 18, 2019

The release date for Aodán Coyne’s new solo album, ‘Gaps Between Stars’ is now just under a week away, Friday November 22nd. While currently on tour on the continent with his Socks In The Frying Pan buddies, Aodán will be back home in Ennis to celebrate the album’s arrival with an album launch celebration show at The Sanctuary, Ennis on the same night. 

We have already had a taste of the album via singles ‘Chance And Gamble’, and more recently ‘Honey Wine’, both which set a fabulous tone for the long play due next Friday. 

To record the album, Aodán teamed up with the same production team behind Emma Langford’s award winning album, ‘Quiet Giant’, Chris O’Brien and Graham Murphy at The Production Suite Dublin. This 2019 long-play follows Coyne’s acclaimed 2015 debut ‘If We Only Knew’. 

Once he had the concept for his album, within six months it was written. The album was written on the outskirts of Ennis overlooking the lake of Ballyalla, a surge of scenic calm in the midst of the creator’s hectic schedule. “In retrospect, it was a crazy time for me, the band was in full swing and I really had no idea what to expect from trying out my own music. However, I think the fact I was going for a truly authentic sound and not being fake helped the process a lot.” 

This time Coyne wanted to return to what he felt was always his first calling, being a singer-songwriter. “Just making the kind of music that I love. That sort of roots/singer-songwriter/folk thing, but with contemporary vibes and some experimental sounds. At the time I didn’t even know who, if anyone, would be interested. But I knew I just needed to record and get my music out.” 

When at home Aodán frequently guests with his good friend Emma Langford, indeed he will again on return from his shows on the continent. Aodán also adds his musicianship to Emma’s pending new album. 

Ennis born Aodán Coyne is a composer, songwriter, singer and producer. He is also a principal member of acclaimed folk band Socks In The Frying Pan, who has an enviable touring schedule particularly in the USA and on the continent. To decide then to release a solo album in parallel would be, to some, a non-enviable task! Not Aodán. 

Other lives shows before end of November include:
Tuesday, November 19th – The Urban Co-op, Limerick (International men’s day)
Wednesday, November 20th – Bridge of Song, Bridge St. Bar, Mayo
Friday, November 22nd – The Sanctuary, Ennis, Clare (‘Gaps Between Stars’ Album Launch)
Thursday, November 28th – The Washerwoman, Ballina, Tipperary (With Emma Langford) 




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