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Anna’s Anchor share new single ‘Hotel Dom Pancho’ and nostalgic music video

May 17, 2023

Limerick indie outfit Anna’s Anchor just released their rose-tinted new single ‘Hotel Dom Pancho’ via Strange Brew on May 17th. The accompanying music video for ‘Hotel Dom Pancho’ was shot on Super 8 film, capturing the yearning for yesteryear that propels the single forward.

Driven by ambient dreamy synth sounds, the single looks back at one of the “last truly carefree” moments in frontman Marty Ryan’s life. After all, as he sings ruefully, “You can’t always live in sunshine.”

“Hotel Dom Pancho was a filthy dilapidated hotel off the strip in a typical Iberian package holiday town. My closest friends and I went there after a year of saving up once we had finished school. A week of nonsense and debauchery, but in hindsight, the last truly carefree experience of my life,” Ryan explains. 

“For that week, there were no worries, no bigger picture, just a group of friends being 100% in the moment. That was the last time I experienced that and life changed significantly after that. I’ll always remember the week at Hotel Dom Pancho as pure freedom and that’s what I tried to get across in the song.” 

‘Hotel Dom Pancho’ is the second single off Anna’s Anchor’s fourth album, The Merries , due out on 7 July, 2023 (album vinyl available for pre-order here ). Since the project’s inception in 2014, Ryan has amassed a loyal audience from playing over 350 shows all around the world in a DIY fashion.

Musically, The Merries is the most expansive offering from Anna’s Anchor to date. Guitars, bass, drums, and brash vocals are there—as expected from the band—but The Merries also includes more stripped back songs, synthesizers, found sound, and spoken word.

‘Hotel Dom Pachino’ is out on all major streaming platforms now.

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