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Anna Carmody Releases New Track ‘Loving you, it ain’t easy’

February 18, 2022

Singer-songwriter Anna Carmody is excited to release her fifth single; Loving you, it ain’t easy. The 28 year old singer from Offaly has been compared to the likes of Lana Del Rey and Amy Winehouse. Recently chosen as 1 of 5 local heroes for Midlands 103 as part of Irish Music Month with Hot Press, her music has been described as beautifully haunting, touching the hearts of many with lyrics inspired by heartbreak, loss, love, adventure and other strong life subjects. She draws inspiration from the people and life moments that struck a chord with her the most.

She has frequently appeared on Midlands 103 and recently played a live set of her last double single release; ‘Hangover’ and ‘Gone Away Dear’.

Anna describes ‘Loving you, it ain’t easy’ as a song she holds close to her heart. “Many people can relate to this song, loving someone isn’t always easy. Sometimes loving someone so much can be bad for you if it’s the wrong person. This song isn’t maybe as soft and loving as it sounds, there’s an underlying sadness hidden in the lyrics that some people will understand”.

Right Chord Music described her music as “Offering up a slice of irresistible indie-pop and always wearing her heart on her sleeve, Anna’s gentle sonic brand is both perfectly charming and endlessly thought-provoking.”

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