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Aimée shares video for new single ‘Hurt Like Hell’

March 1, 2023

Today sees the release of an empowering new music video from Aimée – one of the most exciting pop artists Ireland has produced in decades

Aimée tells us,

“When deciding what to do for this music video, I took quite a different approach. Most of the time I can imagine the entire music video as soon as I’ve written the song.  I would usually have so many ideas on how to tell the story of the song itself, but with ‘Hurt Like Hell’, instead of sharing the narrative of the song, I wanted to to express the feelings instead. I think the video represents the complexity of all of the emotions that comes with a break up.”

Aimée talks us through the emotion and intent of each look, and how it relates back to the lyrics of the song.

‘When I say it’s over, it’s over. Maybe it will hit you when you wake up sober. It’s gonna hurt like hell’

“It was really fun to use my costumes for this video as a representation of all of the emotions that the song depicts. The black leather trench coat and sunglasses are clearly anger: hiding my eyes behind the sunglasses, all black. Like a suit of armour. Black leather always has that rock n roll connotation and what’s rock and roll if not rebellion and anger!”

‘Now I’m running wild with the wolves, I’ve never felt so free’

“The black cat suit and slicked back hair is definitely vengeance: a real look what-you’re-missing outfit. The styling we used for hair and make up was to give the impression of a woman very much in control.

‘You call me late at night to say you see the light, but I just see the cracks’

“You can see a softness and vulnerability in the pink bodysuit look: it’s definitely a representation of that softer side of the person whose story this is.”

Thinking back to when we were young, seems like a fairytale’

“Similarly, the white feathers and sparkles represent the romanticism of how the song looks back at what the relationship once was – when it was all aspirational. It was so important to me that we created this high-glam look, as it fits so perfectly with that idea of looking back through rose tinted glasses.”

‘But you know I’m already gone, so don’t go there’

“The black one piece with the knee-high boots is unsurprisingly a nod to Beyoncé’s single ladies- that look is absolutely about independence and moving on.”

Working again with director and close friend Ovie was never up for debate, trusting that he would take her vision and bring it to life. And that’s exactly what he did, delivering a piece that exudes everything you could want and expect from a pop music video. The different looks shown in the video caught the eye of the TikTok editorial team when a behind-the-scenes teaser of Aimée’s ‘video looks’ was pinned to #TikTokFashion, followed quickly with an add for ‘Hurt Like Hell’ to Tiktoks ‘New Music’ playlistWatch here!

Written and recorded with her “dream team” consisting of Nick Jarl (Westlife, Loreen), Richey McCourt (Will Young, TINI) and Swedish icon Joakim Berg (Zara Larsson, Avicii), ‘Hurt Like Hell’ see’s Dublin native Aimée truly find her voice and deliver something very special.

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