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Aaron Everything to Release ‘T2’

August 13, 2021

Aaron Everything releases his latest single ‘T2’ on 26th August.

‘T2’ is a track Aaron wrote about a short term but long distance thing he had with a girl and the lengths he would’ve gone to to get to see her. Aaron uses the liquid Terminator from the Terminator movies as a metaphor for how relentless he was in trying to make this girl happy.

‘T2’ features production from famed producer Curtains who has produced tracks for artists such as ITSOKTOCRY, SHINIGAMI, Guardin and many more! Aaron also pushed his producer and engineer Julian Ramirez back to his roots for this one and asked him to chop his vocals into something reminiscent of EDM vocals for the tracks intro.

Aaron Everything’s unmistakable approach to music marries the familiar with the unpredictable. Growing up in the rural settings of Donegal in the west of Ireland, the 23-year-old singer and rapper channels the visceral energy of the storms that frequent the wild Atlantic way with the staple sounds of emo rap.

A product of the internet era, Aaron’s catalogue owes as much to online communities as it does to his rejection of close-minded surroundings he calls home. Though pushed to take part in sport by his father, Aaron never felt at home taking part in the long-established activities in his town, nor did he indulge in the traditional music that soundtracked the cobblestone streets and cosy pubs of Donegal. Instead, he declined the trodden path and found comfort in music. Fed a diet of Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac and James Blunt by his parents, Aaron later gravitated toward SoundCloud and its melancholic styles finding solace in the pain-stricken lyricism of Lil Peep.

Coupled with a growing contempt for the unforgiving mindset of rural Ireland and the almost non-existent gigging circuit for artists outside traditional styles Aaron picked up a mic as a form of escapism. He’d later immerse himself in online spaces embracing a remote and collaborative approach championed by the likes of Flying Lotus.

Here, it’s very samey though and everything is very sparse. If you’ve been to town a couple of times you’ve seen it all. There’s no real music scene unless you love Irish country music as that’s all a lot of venues will put on bar a couple of clubs and maybe two pubs in my area.”

I worked with Lederrick on my first track, he produced a lot of peep’s tracks and I thought it was only right because Lil Peep was the catalyst. I bought my first set up, started recording and getting reposts to establish a fanbase.”

Following years spent grinding in his bedroom and further co-signs from the likes of multi-platinum producer Bighead who brought ‘Gucci Gang’ to the world, Aaron emerged as a versatile songwriter capable of shapeshifting to suit a myriad of styles. Working with established artists from across Ireland such as Uwmami and ØMEGA he’s proved capable of laying down emotive and fearless offerings. Now, more confident in his own ability, Aaron is beginning to develop his own world akin to Phoebe Bridger’s ghostly universe, mirroring the vacant landscapes that surrounded his family home. Add that to a diverse musical palette and it starts to build a picture of an artist only scratching the surface of his potential.

Whilst Aaron has been prolific in his number of releases in the past two years, he’s also been simultaneously contributing to other multimedia projects. Most notably, Aaron teamed up with one of Depop’s most popular sellers and fellow Donegal native SADSAC on a short film. With established acts like Jacob Sartorius, Biig Piig and Wifi’s Funeral donning his clothing and having worked with Caterpillar on a line exclusive to Depop, Aaron Everything went on to provide music for his subsequent film documenting his rise.

Aaron Everything is an artist on the rise that speaks to the universal emotions of pain, grief and growth through the lens of his own unique experience.

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