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A Band Called Paul and JoeliD Step Outside Comfort Zones for Second Trans-Atlantic Collaboration

August 18, 2021

Written and recorded once again at a distance of 5,000 miles apart, ‘I Believe’ follows on from the hugely successful first collaboration, ‘Breaking Through’, by Irish indie rock artist A Band Called Paul and Arizona-based rapper JoeliD, released in March 2021.

Except this time, the two artists change direction completely and step into uncharted territory for each of them. It’s not indie rock and he doesn’t rap.

Composed back and forth between Dublin and Phoenix, ‘I Believe’ evolved naturally into a hybrid of gospel, reggae, world music and light jazzy funk.

‘I Believe’ is available exclusively on Bandcamp from August 6th and on all major digital/streaming platforms from August 18th.

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