Irish Electronic Duo PrYmary Colours Announce ‘The Movement’

October 13, 2021

With a passion to spread positivity and a desire to evoke change, Irish electronic duo act PrYmary Colours has begun a new chapter in its musical journey with the release of its highly anticipated and inspiring musical project, The Movement.

The first release of the project, also aptly named The Movement, is a soulful and upbeat track with an infectious driving rhythm that harkens to the heydays of the 90s. Daz, the brains behind PrYmary Colours’ beats, infuses the traditional Irish Kerry Polka with modern elements of disco in a sonical effort to bring society closer together through the blending of past and present influences.

Cayisha, the vocal powerhouse and final piece of PrYmary Colours, tells her story of life as a black woman growing up in Ireland, and the difficulties she encountered. 

“In a time of racial indifferences, awareness is bringing people closer together,” she said. Instead of dwelling on her experiences, the soulful singer channels her energy into positive vibrations with The Movement ushering those in similar situations to stand up in solidarity and march forward into a more positive and inclusive future.

Revolution baby, be what you want to be

Come in solidarity, we’ll do this together safely.

The Movement is a rallying cry for a revolution but with an uplifting and positive message that brings people from all walks of Irish life together. Instead of inciting violence with its music, PrYmary Colours spread positivity with its new project, and give hope to those who lost it.

The Movement is PrYmary Colours’ anthem, and racial injustice is its mantra. As well as being a standout track that is accessible to music lovers across all genres, it encourages those who have been historically marginalised to speak out and use their voice to demand change.

The track is also accompanied by an insightful mini-documentary titled The Movement: Perspective Of A Black Irish Woman and is available to fans for viewing.

PrYmary Colours is a two-piece electronic act from Ireland with one mission – to spread positivity with its music. The group has several releases under its belt and notable media coverage, including features on RTE and the Irish Times, where they were labelled ‘New Artist Of The Week’ twice. 

The Movement has already received ample airtime on radio and features on television, print and online across Ireland.

This is the start of The Movement.


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